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        Looking forward, looking forward to the New Year has finally arrived. Morning noise of firecrackers woke me from sleep, I rubbed sleep Meng Meng eyes, put my mother to buy me new clothes, and my heart indescribably happy. Get up, I saw the sun would come out early, I immediately ran to toilet, eating a few dumplings, the family set off to grandma. To the grandmother, the grandmother saw early in the busy kitchen, watching grandmother smiling eyes, I am excited to run to ask: "? What are you busy grandmother it" Grandma smiled and said: "I'm doing you and brother favorite cooking circle. "" Really? "I am pleased to dance. "Wow! Great, great, there is a round cooking to eat." My voice faded, aunt and brother also went to them, also I boast about it, said my new dress is so beautiful, and that I tall, long handsome. Soon grandmother and round table ready to cook a tasty dish. Looked so much food, I am full of joy, many of which were my favorite. I immediately picked up the chopsticks gobbled up, Aunt them talking and laughing, looking at me like beggars, all laughing, everyone you look at me, I see you happy. Oh, the New Year is so happy, because it not only add interest, also on behalf of the arrival of the new year.

        盼望著,盼望著,新年終于到了。 早上,鞭炮的喧鬧聲把我從睡夢中吵醒了,我揉揉睡朦朦的眼睛,穿上媽媽給我買的新衣服,心里別提有多高興了。一起床,就看見太陽公公早就出來了,我馬上跑去漱洗,又吃了幾個餃子,一家人就出發去外婆家。 到了外婆家,只見外婆早就在廚房間忙了,看著外婆笑瞇瞇的眼睛,我興奮地跑去問:“外婆您在忙什么呢?”外婆笑著說:“我在做你和哥哥最愛吃的炊圓!薄笆菃?”我高興地手舞足蹈!巴!太好了,太好了,有炊圓吃了!蔽业脑捯魟偮,阿姨和哥哥他們也到了,還把我夸了一番,說我的新衣服真漂亮,還說我長高了,長帥了。不一會兒外婆就做好了炊圓和一桌香噴噴的菜?粗@么多的菜,我滿心歡喜,好多都是我最愛吃的。我立刻拿起筷子狼吞虎咽地吃了起來,阿姨他們有說有笑,看著我饑不擇食的樣子,都哈哈大笑,大家你看我,我看你,其樂融融。 哦,原來新年是這么的快樂,因為它不僅增添情趣,還代表新一年的到來。


        new year party

        on new year's eve,our class had a party. the atmosphere was good. it was out of the ordinary from the very begining. the boy student from one bedroom gave an unusual performance. we saw a boy named li xinmin turn off all the lights in a sudden snap. then with three resounding(響亮的) crow of a cock echoing in the hall,the hall was again brightly lit in a snap.

        then,the representative of the bedroom zhu guozhang asked us to guess a line of a poem related to the above situation. he added that li xinmin alone was born in the year of the dog and the other three were all born in the year of the chicken. they left us all in confusion. and it was our monitor who was quickwitted(機智的). he shouted our, "the day breaks as the cock crows three times at dawn." the hall after that,they had another item. this time li xinmin was placed in the middle of the circle. while he was standing there,the other three stood around him,each bowing down to him at an angle of 120 degrees. it was an idiom. this time i got it right:"the dog stands out among a group of chickens."





        Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. Before the Spring Festival People clean their houses,put red couplets on their gates,and set off firecrackers to drive away the legendary monster “Nian”.

        On the eve of the Spring Festival, families get together and have a big dinner. Dumplings are the most traditional food.

        The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long .People visit relatives and friends with the words “Happy new year”. People enjoy the Spring Festival, during this time they can have a good rest.

        Children like the festival very much, because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes .They can also get some money from their elders. This money is given to children for good luck.






        Spring Festival is approaching, every household in hurry to buy Hui-chun, paintings and so on. On this night, I and my mom went to the father's father held a Spring Festival party.

        After a few minutes by car, we came to the destination. Has just entered the scene, I was attracted those colorful lights, as well as colored spotlights and turn the ball it! I made him look happy because I was the first time I saw such a beautiful stage.

        My father and mother to find space to sit down. Soon, the hosts said: "The Chinese New Year Party now!" I think: Today's show will be very interesting. So, I would stare at the moderator. "The first program is Miss Xie Jimin the 'plateau', we welcome the applause!" Heard here, I have involuntarily clapped her hands, because Aunt Min is the father of the most friendly partner. With the music playing, sensitive mother's sister sang together, the audience cheers came from time to time, finally, Aunt Min to an ultra-high end audio in the program. The audience broke into thunderous applause, and some Han Qi a father's slogan: "On, Yes!" Applause and shouts break out.

        Show host came out and said: "The second program is the next Miss Zhu Xiaohong dance performances, we welcome the applause!" Soon, we saw one wearing a red dress and holding a big sister, tai chi fan out from the crowd, When she was up to the table, I suddenly felt the fire of the Chinese people have a continuously burning. "Deng, Deng, Deng." Music sounded, and immediately waved the big sister who played in the hands of Tai Chi fans, jump wonderful dance. She Shenqingruyan, action one by one, totally inexperienced, we can see his big sister rehearsal, how hard ah!

        Unconsciously, this Chinese New Year party in a Unit, thunderous applause ended, the Spring Festival party really happy ah!


        我的父親和母親發現,太空坐下。不久,主持人說:“春節聯歡會了!”我想:今天的演出將是非常有趣。因此,我盯著主持人。 “第一個程序是吳解其緡的'高原',我們歡迎的掌聲!”聽到這里,我不由自主地拍了拍手,因為阿姨閔是最友好的合作伙伴的父親。隨著音樂播放,敏感的母親姊妹一起唱,觀眾歡呼聲不時,終于來了,阿姨是在超敏在高端音頻節目。觀眾闖入如雷的掌聲,一些韓騎父親的口號:“論,是的!”掌聲和吶喊爆發。

        節目主持人出來說:“第二個項目是下一個小姐朱小紅舞蹈表演,我們歡迎的掌聲!”不久,我們看到一個身穿紅色服裝,手持一個大姐姐,太極扇出人頭地,當她到表,我突然感到中華民族的大火持續燃燒了1。 “噔噔噔”音樂響起,并立即揮舞著大姐姐誰在太極球迷的下懷,跳躍精彩舞蹈。她Shenqingruyan,動作一個接一個,完全沒有經驗,我們可以看到他的大姐姐排練,多么困難啊!


        Spring Festival is the most important holiday for Chinese people. Excitement and happiness are palpable this time of the year, and they reach the peak on lunar new year‘s eve.


        Though the 15-day period, which starts with the first day of the lunar new year and ends on the 15th day (known as Lantern Festival), is relatively long, it is the busiest time of the year for Chinese people. The arrangements they have to make for family reunions, buying necessities and preparing food keeps them busy throughout the holiday. Many of them travel back home and meet friends over dinner and drinks. The celebrations include decorating the house and setting off fireworks.


        But we are talking about a tradition that seems to be fading.


        Spring Festival, as it is celebrated today, has undergone many changes, thanks to the country‘s economic development and globalization.


        Yet no Spring Festival is complete without food. People could not get good food whenever they desired in earlier times, something that does not apply to society today. More often than not, people faced the risk of famine. The best time for people to celebrate was when food was available in plenty, and that was possible in spring, or the beginning of the lunar new year. That was the main reason why Spring Festival acquired such great importance among Chinese people.


        But three decades of economic growth has ensured that people in China, except for those who are still poor, can enjoy a good meal whenever they want. Such has been the change in people‘s fortune that some have to be treated for obesity and other health problems associated with excessive eating.


        In the past, celebrations were limited to events like song-and-dance duets in North China, dragon/lion dances in South China and fireworks, which required the joint efforts of the entire community. But economic development and urbanization seems to have weakened the social links among people. Many, especially those living in cities, are not interested in celebrating the festival with people they hardly know.


        Many customs associated with Spring Festival have changed, too. In the past, people used to visit relatives and friends with gifts and lots of good wishes. Today, many people, especially the youth, use their cell phones or the Internet to send their good wishes and even "gifts" to their relatives and friends. Some may say this a sign that people have become less caring about their near and dear ones, but we should see this development as a time- and energy-saving exercise granted by the information age.


        In recent times, many people have started praying for a career promotion or more money instead of invoking God or the Buddha for a healthy and long life and the welfare of their family. But the number of such people is decreasing now, which shows that people are becoming more reasonable.













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